Swarm the World – butterflies downunder……

I have the honour of participating in an art installation of cloth butterflies that,  with the help of over 200 participants,  are migrating in a swarm around the world! This project is the brain child of Indianapolis artist Tasha Lewis who has selected artists around the globe to  host a swarm of 400 butterflies for a month during October 2014 – September 2015…. we will then install the butterflies in a variety of locations and photograph them, with select images being displayed in Capstone Art Gallery. 

Photo By Tasha Lewis

Photo By Tasha Lewis

Tasha uses a complex process involving cyanotype on fabric to create her butterflies, allowing them to mimic the wings of butterflies. You can read more about Tasha and her artistic processes ‘here’

Im excited to be part of such a global project and look forward to sharing the dates with you so that you can track and perhaps visit locations where the swarm will make an appearance ;). 

Photo by Tasha Lewis

Photo by Tasha Lewis

If you wish to follow along on Facebook you can find the Swarm: World Migration page “here”.

Stay tuned for dates and swarm locations 

Bec x


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