Having fun with Terrariums.

The first brief for Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search arrived in my inbox… and to my utter delight it was TERRARIUMS!!!!

Ok soooo I may have a slight obsession with terrariums going back a couple of years. I even have recently produced my version of terrariums in watercolours…. before the brief was given…

I have created a beautiful water coloured and embroidered piece that I will share.. along with a couple of other artworks in this theme after the deadline is done, but in the meantime I thought id share two artworks that I made for fun. They are just quick sketches… I’m not really impressed with my word art, but i am really proud of the ideas. I think they are fun. 

This one is a bright take on an air plant…. hence the “just breathe” …. it makes me chuckle. Im such a dork! 

just breathe

And this one is going to be re-worked by me at some stage. Then I think I’ll send it to Red Bubble! The typography and art is a first rough draft and bit ordinary, but the idea is really fun. I’m thinking i’ll probably add some mens legs dangling out of her mouth, and revisit the colours… it’d make a super cute t-shirt! Well… I think so… again, I’m a bit of a dork 😉 

She's a maneater!


I’m looking forward to sharing my actual entry. It is reflective of my natural style. Romantic, dreamy and delicate. But these were bold, and fun and out of my comfort zone. It is so important to me to keep playing with a variety of ideas. 

Bec x 


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