Wordless Wednesday : patterns in nature.

I forgot to do ‘Wordless Wednesday’ on Wednesday… but here it is… from now on it will be just a picture but this time i’ll explain 😉

When finding inspiration it is so nice to look for patterns in this amazing world around us. Everywhere I go i see amazing shapes, colour palettes and patterns… I am forever wondering how I can use the beauty of creation as inspiration for amazing unique art! 


Ripples in the sand tinged with a blue hue.. Bowen Qld.


Tiny sand crabs make magnificent little balled sand patterns like fireworks exploding – Airlie Beach Qld.


Unique marine life, similar to land fungi , shimmer just below the waters edge – Bowen, Qld


Coral found washed up often has tiny complex patterns that look amazing under a zoom lens!


Bec x

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