Transferring handrawn art into embroidery.

When I was little my Grandmother would draw the flowers she wanted to embroider onto non-greasy baking paper with a tailors chalk pencil and then, (i think), she ironed it onto the linen… though maybe she just rubbed.. I’m not 100% sure. But Ido remember the images were inconsistent and hard to see. 

When I began embroidering I was sure there was a better way, and there is!

Here is my process for creating my own unique hand embroidered artworks.

First I draw my design in lead pencil and then trace it with a “Uni Pin 0.1 fine line permanent marker”. I usually put the lead pencil drawing on the light box and create a new artwork with the fine line marker. This is so that if I want to scan the artwork to be manipulated in photoshop, it won’t have any eraser smudges. This artwork is a flower design I’m hoping to transfer into a repeat for quilting fabric….


Then I place the traced artwork on the light-box beneath either white or cream 100% quilting cotton and trace the artwork onto the fabric with a black ink “Pilot Ball Frixion” pen. This pen is amazing and rubs out with the rubber “friction” end, and more importantly for me.. IRONS out when my embroidery art is complete. 


Embroiderers best friend!

Embroiderers best friend!

Tracing the artwork onto the fabric is a little time consuming, and requires patience but it is 100% worth the effort. I always ensure the fabric has been ironed and I use “invisible tape” to attach the paper copy to the light box and the fabric to the paper. Invisible tape peels off paper without tearing and holds the artworks in place within reason to avoid slipping. 

tracing on the lightbox

Have a go… it’s so much nicer than embroidering other peoples line art! 😉

I will post a picture of the embroidery when it is complete.

Bec x


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