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The Makings of a Surface Designer

Ive been on a  journey for a couple of years now… slowly finding my way to becoming a Surface Designer. For a while, I didnt really know that “Surface Designer” was the title of my dream job. I just wanted to make art that sells… specifically on textiles. So…. Here’s the path that Ive taken…. maybe someone wanting to be a surface designer will read this… and discover how to get there quicker!!

After I had my first son, I was bitterly disappointed by the lack of interesting boys clothes and fabric options. At this stage I hadn’t yet encountered the handmade world, and didn’t know about the wealth of unique fabric designs available on sites such as www.spoonflower.com and  www.etsy.com.

So after I had my second son, I decided to take a screen printing workshop in Lismore with Marina Cavalieri of www.ecogoesdeco.com. She is amazing to work with, and I still incorporate what I learned there into some of my designing!

This is a boys outfit I made from the viking ships I printed with Marina Cavalieri

This is a boys outfit I made from the viking ships I printed with Marina Cavalieri

When I returned home from the course I googled how to make a home made Screen for printing using organza and an oversized embroidery hoop…. This does work, though the screen eventually stretches leading to an imperfect print…. The design is made by painting glue where your design is not……

Home made screen and its successful print..

Home made screen and its successful print..

Eventually I purchased a speedball Screen printing kit! You can find them at “Riot Art” here in Australia for about $99. I now use it a lot, generally I cut my screen printing designs out of contact paper with a razor… This does limit you to one colour per cut, but keeps my costs down as I can keep screen printing with the one screen! Here is an example of my very popular “Bambi” design that I sell via my clothing label “Mustardpots and Butterscotch”.

bambi bunting

I will eventually return to Marina and take the next stage of her course, which will teach me how to create permanent screens with photographic Stencilling!

The next part of my journey into surface design begins with Spoonflower….. but that post is for another day… Have a lovely day

Bec 🙂